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Minibus Hire Cardiff

Get in touch with us when you're thinking about getting a minibus for your trip through Cardiff City. Our company, Coach Hire Cardiff, is a well-known player in the business of providing vehicles for group transport and we know the things that matter most to people who are looking to travel in minibuses and coaches. Thanks to our years of experience we have managed to incorporate a lot of what people are looking for into our vehicles, enabling us to give clients a minibus hire experience unlike anything they'd find elsewhere.

Quality Personnel

One of the most important moves in attempting to be the best provider of minibus hire services in the region is that we always try to hire the best people available when recruiting. We have a thorough recruitment process and we focus on qualifications, experience and professionalism. We believe that experience is important when recruiting for positions such as drivers. Driving in a city like Cardiff presents a myriad of challenges. Knowing the location of know traffic jam hotspots or a faster route to a certain destination will ensure our clients to spend a lot of time stuck in traffic.

There are also various locations in the city that only a very experienced driver will know about. Quite often we get clients who wish to be taken to such locations and thus the driver's experience will play an important role once again.

We also have a team of engineers and technicians in our maintenance team and this are the people who ensure that our vehicles stay on the road. Once again we work with highly experienced, highly trained people. These people don't just rely on their skills but also make use of modern diagnostic equipment and other tools to help them detect and correct any problem with the vehicle. Our maintenance team is always hard at work because we always insist that any vehicle being hired out can only leave if we are sure the vehicle will not break down during the trip.

Client Satisfaction

Our minibus hire in Cardiff service has made it a habit to pay attention to what some would term as the finer details. We believe that client satisfaction usually comes down to these details and so we always do our best to get these things right. For starters, we ensure that a client who wants to travel with their luggage doesn't have to leave a bag or a suitcase behind due to lack of space. This is why our vehicles come with plenty of luggage space and in the event that the luggage space in one minibus isn't big enough, we provide our client with the option of many other vehicles that will be able to accommodate all they wish to bring on their trip. Some clients also like to travel while listening to music or watching a movie. For this reason we have state-of-the-art entertainment systems that include music systems and DVD players. These guarantee that any interested client will be kept entertained during the trip.

It's also not possible to talk about comfort of satisfaction when clients are travelling in extreme cold or sweltering heat. This can happen at some point during the seasons and to avoid this some of our vehicles are fitted with air conditioning units that will keep the temperature at just the right spot during the trip. Call, email or reach out to us using our website and we'll see how we can help you with your minibus hire today.