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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Cardiff

Being in charge of making the transport arrangements for a whole group of people is a lot of responsibility. A group usually has a diverse range of individuals, each with their own needs and preferences. If you take your chances with an unreliable mode of transport then you'll likely have a lot of disappointed people on your hands. While this means ruling out the obvious choices such as public transport, you also have the costs to think about. If each person was to travel using a taxi, the cumulative costs could be ridiculously high. So which company can you turn to in such times? Coach Hire Cardiff!

Cardiff Coach Hire

In the Cardiff area, coach hire Cardiff provides coach hiring services to people who are looking for an affordable way of travelling for free. With our services, you'll get to enjoy the perks of being in a vehicle that provides you with lots of space while also enjoying the relatively low costs that come with planning your group's trip with us.

Our Fleet Of Coaches

In our fleet of coaches here at Coach Hire Cardiff, we have a wide range of coaches to suite the travelling needs of different groups in terms of their sizes and their needs. Our coaches have capacities ranging from around twenty and all the way up to approximately 57. This gives us a lot of flexibility in how we can handle the booking requirements for our customers.

For a group with very little luggage, we can easily make use of the smallest coach that can accommodate that many people. Although our coaches come with a lot of luggage space, there is still a possibility that a group may have more luggage than a particular coach can handle. This will not mean having to leave something behind because you're almost always sure that there'll still be a coach available that can handle the group plus all their luggage.

As far as the issue of luggage is concerned, our vehicles are designed with thought that customers should be able to bring on board a reasonable amount of luggage without any problems. This is why you'll find lots of space for your luggage in our coaches.

Travelling Client Safety

Cardiff Coach Hire believes that putting clients safe is in everybody's best interest. When it comes to road travel the list of things that could go wrong is never short. We do our best to make this list as short as possible. One of the things that we put a lot of effort into is the proper maintenance of our vehicles. Our vehicles are regularly inspected on different levels so that anything that might be an issue is detected early enough. We know that even if something doesn't have the potential to cause a dangerous accident, it could still leave you stranded at the side of the road and this isn't something we'd like.

In the event that something does go wrong our vehicles are equipped with every safety device that is needed to ensure they comply with the very strict regulations put forward by the law. The seatbelts are in excellent condition and the airbags have also been tested to guarantee that they'll work when they are needed. For groups that are travelling with particularly young children e.g. infants, we have child seats that can be fitted to the vehicles upon request.

You can call, email or get in touch with us through our website if you're looking to make use of our services in the future.

Minibus Hire

At some point during the year when the weather is just right, we realise how much fun it would be to go on a trip with friends or family member or even colleagues from the office for a bonding session. It would be a shame to waste such ideal weather by choosing a less than satisfactory transport option which is a mistake most people do.

Group Visits Accomodated

Group trips, whether long or short, are an excellent opportunity to rediscover some of the things that are fun in life such as coming across a great new location, a popular attraction such as Cardiff Castle or a part of the city that you never knew existed. The only way such an experience would really have this kind of impact is if everyone isn't in a bad mood brought on by the fact that it's too hot inside the vehicle or the seats are just too uncomfortable. The best way to avoid all this is to talk to us at Coach Hire Cardiff to see what we can do about getting a minibus for your group.

Excellent Minibuses

Our minibuses are not your standard minibus. These are vehicles that have been designed and fitted for the express purpose of providing a group travel experience unlike anything else you'd find in the city. Our minibuses come in a wide variety and are suitable for groups of various sizes. We have minibuses that are just right for groups of under ten people plus their luggage and we have others that will work for not more than 20 people. As you would expect we also have options for other group sizes in between. And just in case your group turns out to be larger than what our minibuses can handle, there's also the option of hiring one of our coaches instead.

We've gone to great lengths to make our minibuses ideal for travelling whether you're planning on a short trip or a long one. For starters we have incredibly comfortable seats in our minibuses. Our seats are upholstered using leather or fine cloth so our clients can enjoy a feel of luxury when riding in our vehicles. Space is another important component of comfort. We've all that experience of travelling in conditions so cramped you can barely walk when you arrive at your destination. Our minibuses are designed to make optimal use of available space. This means that there's enough space in the vehicles for the luggage and their passengers.

Smooth Travel Planners

However, even the most comfortable seats won't mean much if the drive isn't smooth. Rough roads and poor driving are the two things that could make for a very rough drive. To deal with the rough roads our vehicles come with state-of-the-art suspension systems that absorb the shocks from the rough terrain. When it comes to poor driving, you can be sure that there will be none of that from our drivers. We hire only experienced professionals here at Coach Hire Cardiff and even after that the drivers undergo further training. The further training ensures that our drivers are familiar with the vehicles and the systems inside so they can respond to any problem and the further training also ensures that the driver has excellent knowledge of the roads in Cardiff City.

This means that they'll know the best way to get you to your destination without taking you through the parts of the city with the most speed bumps.

Talk to our customer care people today and we'll see about providing you with minibus hire services worthy of the name.

Our Transport Services

The idea of travelling has come a long way in the past decades. Whether you like to do it for the journey itself or for the many destinations you get to visit, travelling has the potential to become an extremely fulfilling experience. Travelling as a group can be even better. Whether it's a family, a group of friends or colleagues at work, those many minutes or hours on the road is a great chance to connect, catch up and exchange ideas in a way that you may not have done in a long time. Of course, how well you are able to do this will also depend on how you travel.

Punctual Minibuses & Coaches

As nice as it may be to be in a particular environment with a group of people you know, there are a lot of things that can make travelling in a group difficult or at the very least a terrible experience. If you're planning to travel in a group using public transport then you'll be facing a few challenges even before you get on that bus. For starters, there's no guarantee that the vehicle will be there on time. Public transport isn't known for always being on time and in the event that the bus gets there, there is the possibility that your whole group won't be able to fit inside.

Other transportation options will throw up similar challenges and some will turn out to be more expensive than you'd like or the vehicle may turn out to be extremely uncomfortable. In such situations, it's hard to expect that there'll be any positive connection between friends or colleagues and this may even ruin things at the destination since people will arrive feeling tired, stressed or even angry.

The solution to this starts with taking control of how you're going to travel as a group. When travelling as a group you want certain things including being able to get your whole group in the vehicle, being charged only a reasonable fee, feeling safe and comfortable inside the vehicle and some assurance that the vehicle will be there when you need it. Your solution is to hire a minibus or a coach and in the city of Cardiff if you're thinking about coach hire services you need to think about Coach Hire Cardiff.

Best Travel Providers

Coach Hire Cardiff is a company that specialises in providing excellent transport solutions to groups of people looking to travel in and around Cardiff. This is a company that has been in operation for many years and in that time, we have established ourselves as one of the most reliable vehicle hire services in these parts. Our fleet of vehicles for hire include minibuses, mini coaches and full-sized coaches and in all these vehicles there are certain things that our clients are guaranteed to find.

We believe in our clients travelling in comfort regardless of the conditions of the road. This is why our vehicles incorporate many features that are designed to do just that; provide comfort. Our state of the art suspension systems ensures that even the bumpier trips are a lot smoother and the seats are designed to provide complete body support with the exquisite upholstery giving the travellers a feeling of luxury. Space is also important for comfort because it's impossible to be comfortable when you're squeezed into a space designed for a person half as tall as you. Therefore, our designs incorporate lots of space enhancing features that make it possible to fit a group of people into the vehicle while still leaving enough room to stretch out.

Fully Equipped Vehicles

State of the art entertainment systems are a given in our vehicles and you'll find modern music systems and even screens in our vehicles. This allows our passengers to indulge in a bit of fun while on the road. In the case of some features, we'll need you to provide us with enough time to do the necessary fittings which is why we always advise that you book your minibus or coach at least 24 hours before your trip is scheduled. Refreshments and drink coolers can be added to your hired coach or minibus upon request and these can really be great on a long journey.

Variety is one of the most important aspects of our hire service. Because groups come in different sizes and with different needs, we have a wide variety of vehicles for our clients to choose from in our fleet. This includes the minibuses and the coaches and these allow us to comfortable transport groups of less than ten and others that are well over 50 people.

We have our customer service representatives here at Coach Hire Cardiff waiting to receive your bookings so call us today.

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