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8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Cardiff

8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Cardiff

Feature Packed and Hi-tech Operation

For a group of relatively small size, the 8 seater minibus hire Cardiff and 10 seat minibus hire service from Coach Hire Cardiff provides a great way of moving around the city of Cardiff. Convenient and affordable, this service is a great choice when you're looking to save money as you and your friends or family go for holiday or to an event. These vehicles are built to perform well on various terrain and thanks to the front-located engine, they are very stable and have excellent traction.

For the sake of going with something that is tried and tested, we get our vehicles from some of the renowned manufacturers in the world for these types of vehicles such as Nissan. The specific manufacturer of the minibus will determine the availability of certain features within the vehicle such as automated doors.

All vehicles in our 8 seater minibus hire Cardiff and 10 seat minibus hire come with GPS systems and these are important to us for when we need to monitor the vehicles. Tracking the vehicles isn't just about being able to locate our vehicles. In the event that anything goes wrong, the GPS trackers simplify the process of finding the exact location of the vehicles which means we are able to react to the emergency faster.

What to look for in a Minibus Hire Package

Making the decision to hire a minibus is just the first step in securing a means of transportation you'll appreciate. There are many minibus hire companies in Cardiff and the surrounding areas and you need to know how to identify the one that will serve you best. A company that has been in the industry for many years is always a good option. A company in such a position has had the opportunity to streamline their services to focus on the things that a customer needs while travelling. With such companies you can easily gauge how good their services are from the reviews that they've received from past customers. At Coach Hire Cardiff, we are known for providing exceptional services and many of our past clients will attest to this. Our 8 seater minibus Cardiff and 10 seater minibus hire has served many people well in the past.

You'll also want a car hire services that comes with drivers that you can count on. Even the best cars will be of no use if the driver can't be relied on. This is why our drivers undergo a thorough recruitment process during which we assess their skills and qualifications and also their experience. The drivers also undergo further training after being hired just to ensure that their skills stay sharp and that they are familiar with the city's roads.

Before a vehicle is allowed to transport clients, it needs to have undergone certain tests and the document showing which tests the vehicles underwent and when the said tests were done must be available. We keep detailed records of our vehicles including their service history and what maintenance steps they've required in the past. We don't do this simply because the law dictates it but because it also enables us to keep track of any issues with the vehicles. This lets us know when a vehicle is due for some heavy maintenance or if it's time to start thinking about a replacement. If you're thinking about a minibus hire then get in touch with us today.