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School Coach Hire Cardiff

School Coach Hire in Cardiff

Providing transport services for a school can be a true test of just how good a transportation service is. To provide these services at the level required takes a company that really knows what it's doing. In Cardiff City, not many companies could claim to know more about these services than we do. We have many years of experience providing transportation services to schools all over the region and in that time we've had many clients who were pleased with the success of our work and even worked with us on multiple occasions in the future.

Cost effective services

For most schools, cost is always a major issue. Public funded schools may not have the kind of resources that allow them to splurge but this doesn't mean that they shouldn't be able to find a suitable way of transporting their students. Our solution to this is that we provide very affordable transport services for schools and we always ensure that the clients sees where and how their money is spent. In a time when budgets have been thin, we have stepped up to ensure that schools have an affordable way of getting their pupils where they need to be.

Flexibility in Capacity

The needs of a whole football team going for a tournament that will run for several days are quite different from those of a small club going for a short trip in a nearby location. The beauty of our School coach hire Cardiff services is that we are able to cater to the needs of both these groups comfortably. Our fleet of vehicles has coaches with various capacities ranging from 20 to 57 and just in case the coaches are too big for these needs, we also have minibuses that come in capacities ranging from 8 to 19 people. The main advantage of this flexibility is being able to choose a vehicle that is most appropriate for your needs without spending on lots of extra space that you don't actually need.


Naturally, we cannot talk about School Coach Hire Cardiff services without talking about safety. Any school can only be at peace if they are sure that their pupils are safe wherever they are. Our coaches are designed with safety in mind at all times and when we transport students, we are even more conscious about this issue. By default our vehicles need to have all the necessary safety features required by law before they can be used to transport anyone. Beyond that we ensure that our safety features are always in excellent working condition by carrying out frequent checks and testing. The coaches also come with state-of-the-art tracking devices that allow us to locate the vehicle in case of any problem.