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35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 seat Coach Hire

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Whether you call it a mid-sized group or a large one, you have to admit that a group of over 30 represents a significant number of people. Most other transportation options are not likely to be able to handle this number of people all at once. Even a city bus may not have enough empty seats for all these people. Therefore, when you're organizing the transport for a group of this size, you have to think along the lines of a 35 seat coach hire and 36 seat coach hire and we know just where you can get this service.

Coach Hire Cardiff is one of Cardiff City's most respected names when it comes to coach hiring services and for a vehicle of this size, you could hardly do better than what we have in our fleet. But at our company we believe that a travel experience is a lot more than just the vehicle you're driving or being driven in. Quite a number of times, it will come down to the kind of service that is provided which is why we have standards on how our clients must be treated.

For starters, we always recommend that our clients should make a booking i.e. reserve their coach at least 24 hours before the actual trip. Doing this has many positives for us and also for our clients. The main advantage of early booking for you is that it ensures you'll have more vehicles to choose from. This means you can always go with what you think of as the best option. With a last minute booking you'll have to go with whatever is available. This doesn't mean that what you'll find won't be as good but in our experience, customers have always liked having the ability to choose which specific vehicle they'll be travelling in. This may make a difference in cases where one vehicle has a feature the other doesn't such as a little extra luggage space or a sliding roof.

What we do promise is that we will honour your booking unless some sort of emergency has made your preferred vehicle unavailable. It's quite possible that you may book a coach only for it to develop a mechanical problem at some point. Since we'd never allow a client to leave in a bus that may not go the whole trip without breaking down, this will be one of the few scenarios in which the client will have to go with a different bus.

Part of our commitment to providing clients with excellent service is that we provide them with an avenue through which they can make any complaints, comments, suggestions etc. Whether it's about our company or a specific employee, we believe that all this can help us to improve the service that we provide for our clients. These avenues also make it easier for clients to get in touch with us in case they are using our service and would like some assistance. We have a phone number that clients can call in such situations and you can also send us an email or a message through our site.

Because there's no telling when a client may need our assistance or when they may need to schedule an urgent booking, you can reach our people at any time, day or night, whether you need assistance with one of our coaches or if you want to use our 35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 Seat Coach Hire service.