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53-Seater Coach Hire

53 - Seater Cardiff Coach Hire

Although it doesn't offer a significant increase in seating space compared to the previous options, the 53 seater coach hire gives you something extra to work with and like they say, it's always better to have and not need. In many cases however, clients have found the 53 seat coaches to be quite convenient. That extra bit of space makes it easier or possible to bring along some extra luggage that you may not have been able to bring along. When you imagine around 50 people travelling in a coach of this size, if each of those 50 people has some luggage with them space will be at a premium. Therefore the extra space you'd get from this service would definitely matter.

Travelling is not all about space though and even when a place to store your luggage isn't a problem, you'll still have other things to think about concerning your trip. Comfort is one of those things that most people imagine they can do without until they realize just how hard it is. On relatively short trips, it may not matter as much but there's a good chance that when you need a 53 seater coach hire service that you're going for a relatively long trip. Enduring all this time in an uncomfortable coach can be more difficult than most people understand.

For our fleet of vehicles we have made it a priority to ensure there is at least a certain level of comfort for our passengers.

Although we have some cars that are designed and built to offer more luxurious features than the standard vehicles, even the regular vehicles are required to have a certain level of comfort. Air conditioning is available in all the vehicles but most of the time you'll only really need this when the temperatures are in the extremes. The seats in all the vehicles are built to offer the right kind of support while still being soft enough. Our seats are also designed and arranged to achieve what we like to call optimal spacing. While it's possible to fit in lots of seat in coaches of this size we prefer to ensure that we leave enough rooms between the seats to allow the passengers to move freely and to also be able to stretch out their legs without bumping into the seat in front of them.

We have additional features that can be found in some of the vehicles while in some cases we will need you to notify us whether or not you need these extra features while you make your booking. For example Coach Hire Cardiff entertainment systems which include music players and DVDs. You may also have refreshments served in the coach during your trip. Call us today to find out more about our 53 seater coach hire.