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57 Seat Coach Hire

57 Seat Coach Hire

The 57 seat coach is the vehicle with the highest capacity in our fleet. You're probably wondering what kind of group would require a coach this big but surprisingly, we've had many clients who have come looking for just this type of coach. Schools, church groups and many other organizations have found themselves having to transport a lot of people at once and in these situations, they always try to make things as comfortable as possible. Because we make our coaches with a lot more comfort than you'll find in your regular coach, we have proven to be quite well suited to this task.

The challenge with a 57 seat coach hire is the fact that you're dealing with a vehicle designed to transport 57 people. This means that the coach will in many cases be one of the largest vehicles moving around the city streets. This presents quite a few challenges. Like any other location, Cardiff has regulations regarding the kind of vehicles that can park or pass through certain areas. With this in mind it's important to understand that for someone who isn't familiar with these regulations, it will be difficult to know when and where they apply.

This is why our 57 seat coaches are driven by some of the best drivers we have in our company, Coach Hire Cardiff. These drivers have spent many years driving through the streets of Cardiff and are familiar with the regulations. A vehicle of this size also doesn't offer much in terms of manoeuvrability. It takes a lot of experience to know how to handle this sort of coach properly. This is why when you come for our 57 seat coach hire we provide you with drivers who have many years of experience driving these types of vehicles.

Safety is also a major concern when it comes to vehicles such as this. Accidents involving coaches such as this are best avoided and we do a lot to limit the chances of something going wrong. For starters, these coaches are maintained by very experienced engineers and technicians. Our experts are able to diagnose even small issues with the vehicle and this allows us to correct these problems before the coach is on the road again. In fact our policy doesn't allow for the vehicle to be available for hire unless it's in the best possible condition. The vehicles are given routine check-ups and an inspection when they come back from a trip to see whether the systems are performing as they were before the trip. State-of-the-art diagnostic tools are used in these activities.

Naturally, not everything that happens on the road is down to our vehicle or our driver. There's much that can go wrong during a trip and in the event of an accident our vehicles are fitted with very responsive seatbelts that you're always required to use when you're in the vehicle. There are also airbags. All our safety features and gadgets are tested regularly to guarantee that they'll work as they are supposed to if they are ever needed.

Many people's travelling experience in vehicles of this size usually involve a lot of comfort. This is because many large coaches are built with a focus on their capacity and not factors like style and comfort. However, we have gone in a different direction and you'll find when you get in touch with us that there are plenty of comforts that come with our 57 seat coach hire.